Sharon Osbourne kicked my boss in the balls!

Sharon Osbourne kicked my boss in the balls!
sharonoin the early 80’s we worked at various venues for east coast promoter John Scher, and took with us some incredible stories. here’s a favorite… one of our jobs was box office manager for Convention Hall in Asbury Park. during concert nights, after the band went on, it was our task to count out the cash and bring it backstage for hand-off to the band’s management. on the night Ozzy played what went down was one of the craziest fights we’ve seen in our life (including the EV bartending dayz). here’s an excerpt from an uncredited interview with Sharon we found on the net. her description is very accurate by our memory…

Interviewer: There’s kneeing the promoter in the balls.
Sharon Osbourne: John Scher. He is a very big promoter — or was — in New York, and I was just a twenty-six-year-old kid going in to collect payment for the show that Ozzy had done. It had sold out the first day. So I went in, and he’d got all these bills for advertising up until the week of the show, and I’m like, “You couldn’t have advertised, because we sold out the first week.” And he said, “Oh, well, it was pre-booked and we had to pay it” — the usual bullshit. And he would not give in, and he was threatening that “Ozzy will never work in the New York area again.” All this crap. So I got up and nutted him with my head, and then I kicked him in the balls.
Interviewer: And what did he do?
Sharon Osbourne: He just stood there. He was just so taken aback. And then I pulled on his hair.

so here’s our juicy additions…
John did try and fuck them over. Sharon’s father Don Arden was also there in full glory (open shirt, big hairy chest, lots of gold – he’s a powerful and impressive character.) Sharon tried to grab the cash drawer out of my hands during the fight. the fight was loud and crazy, and seemed to last a while (building to the kick.) someone had called the Asbury Park cops and they had time to arrive and get involved as it was developing. the cops were holding Sharon back, and she actually had to break away from them and rush forward at John to kick him. she didn’t make big contact but it was a HUGELY impressive move that floored everyone in the room including the cops. don’t remember the head butt, but she grabbed a big handful of John’s fading hair as the cops pulled her away from him. god it was beautiful.

couple lessons:
– Sharon’s account to the interviewer is very accurate, not boastful. people who kick ass don’t have to embellish.
– we’ve been in a couple bar fights and this move can only be delivered by someone who knows how to back it up and is ready to get it on. even the fucking Asbury Park cops were afraid of her. Sharon Osbourne is more than a tough chick, she’s a certified bad ass.

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