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July 26, 2004

lazy Monday links

lazy Monday links – our obesssion for overhyped hotties and hilarious media commentary is well taken care of by these ... Read More

wonder dog

wonder dog something’s wrong and someone’s not talking. wonder what he got into now… Read More

July 25, 2004

soup’s on!

soup’s on! B & H Dairy is back in business! after 15 days of being locked down over a dispute ... Read More

July 23, 2004

headed out on a highway

headed out on a highway looking for adventure in whatever comes our way Read More
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goodbye Salvation Army, hello gentrification

goodbye Salvation Army, hello gentrification the “new boutique loft conversion” that took over our favorite local Salvation Army is underway ... Read More

July 22, 2004

Beautiful (creepy, and compelling)

Beautiful (creepy, and compelling) the new Christina Aguilera billboard to raise voter registration is fan-fucking-tastic! startling, thought provoking, and smack ... Read More
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Hallmark of Safety

Hallmark of Safety more preparation for the RNC… drills going on all over the city and in Times Square today. ... Read More
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nothing held back

nothing held back a Buddy fan, Herself, sent in this lovely and insightful note… “Buddy has in spades what I ... Read More