Beware of The Man in the van

Beware of The Man in the van
what the fuck?… another friend was busted this week for smoking a joint. went down the same way someone else we know was arrested – by the NYC pot and beer van squad. for the uneducated, undercover police ride around in vans looking for people smoking weed or drinking alcohol in public. reports from both people we know who’ve been busted by “the van” are that:
– after you’re arrested you have to ride around in the van for several hours while the cops look for more petty misdemeanors
– the van and holding cells are packed with small violations, pot possession, open beer in public, etc.
– both people spent 24-48 hours in jail to have the charges dropped when they came before the judge (neither had any prior offenses)

organizing police efforts to hunt down, arrest and detain people for smoking a joint is a ridiculous waste of police resources and tax payer money!

so cityrag is holding a blog smoke-in - over the next few weeks we’ll be smoking weed around NYC in open places, taking pics and posting them here. if you feel the same way please join us. post pics on your sites or send them in and we’ll post them here. smoke up NY!



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