12 reasons to go to a New York County Fair

Countdown to Charo
previously CityRag covered the release of the Dutchess County Fair Schedule and gave you the scoop on why YOU MUST GO! this just in… the Columbia County Fair schedule is out, and the Monster Tractor Pull is returning!


12 reasons to go to a New York County Fair:
1 – demolition derbies
2 – pig races
3 – fresh made candy apples
4 – scary old school midway rides
5 – scary carny people running the rides
6 – baby animal petting zoo
7 – playing “spot the longest mullet” or “find the tackiest souvenir” games with your friends
8 – watching the locals and bikers get drunk and fight in the beer tent
9 – deep fried _______ (fill in the blank… dough, oreos, corn dogs, apples)
10 – 4-H competitions, cow shows, the smell of hay
11 – monster tractor-pulls
12 – free Charo concert!

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