Fights Happen…

Fights Happen…
we’re not advocating hateration, but fights happen. they sometimes make good stories. and sometimes there’s lessons in those stories. so without any further rationalization – here’s the Fights Happen series – with some pics of 2 street fights snapped last month within one 24 hour period…

#1 – a kid was being chased up Ludlow by a restaurant worker. when the guy snagged him, the kid grabbed a bike parked on the corner. when the chick who’s bike it was jumped up to protect her bike, the kid made a break and ran (first pick the kid is hiding behind the girl with the rolled up pants protecting her bike. second pic is the kid breaking away). lesson: people might not protect you but they’ll protect their property – so grab onto something if you’re being chased.


#2 – the next day on the corner of 42nd St and 7th Ave at around 11:00 am with tons of people around – this man pops this woman in the nose. she did not hit him first and was a foot shorter and 70 lbs lighter. many people asked if she was ok and yelled “fucking asshole” after the guy. lesson: it’s a good thing most NY’ers don’t carry guns, the guy would have been dead.


coming up:
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– infamous East Village bar fights